Got lunch? Parents complain about lack of food at an Omaha high school

Got lunch? Parents complain about lack of food at an Omaha high school

OMAHA,Neb. (FOX42KPTM)- When parents send their children off to school, they expect they'll get a hot meal and enough to keep them filled until they get home.

One Omaha mom says that's not happening this week, and she says it isn't the first time.

"Today he was served raw potatoes and cold food," said Angie Coffey, whose son is a sophomore at Omaha North High School. "I went to sign him out and brought him to get him some food because he's hungry, and he has epilepsy, so he needs to eat."

She took him to a nearby Burger King down the street just to put something in his stomach.

Coffey says not only is the food cold but the school runs out of food, too.

"Last time, they offered him a hamburger without buns or french fries," she said. "It wasn't even a hamburger and french fries. It was a hamburger without a bun or french fries."

Coffey says her son's medical condition makes food even more important.

"Stress can cause him to go into seizures, and being hungry can cause him to go into seizures."

She says she called the school but didn't get the response she was looking for.

"'Here's a number to contact the TAC Building because there's nothing really the school can do about it. You get told, 'We're bringing up more food,' but by that time, the kids' lunch is over."

Coffey isn't the only one who thinks this is a problem.

Another mother took her concerns to Facebook, writing the following. "The school ran out of food to feed students in the Viking Center......As a parent I couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing. I picked up lunch and brought it to my child and two of her friends so they could eat as well."

Coffey said, "It's upsetting because when we send our kids to school we expect that their needs are being met."

FOX 42 reached out to the Omaha Public School district, who told us the following:

"The cafeteria was short-staffed a few days during lunch this week, which slightly impacted the lunch preparation routine on specific days. We did run short on some of the food items; however, there were several alternative options for students to choose from, including sandwiches, chef salads and vegetable and fruit options from the full veggie and fruit bars.....This incident is an isolated one and we have worked directly with the students and their parents to address any concerns. We are committed to providing our students with healthy, nutritious meals for lunch every single school day."

Coffey hopes for change. "I want this fixed, not only for my child but for everybody's child."

She said she plans to send her child with lunch to make sure he is able to eat.

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