Gov. Pete Ricketts releases details on Bradley Rice's removal

Gov. Pete Ricketts release details on Bradley Rice's removal

LINCOLN, NE(FOX42KPTM)-We now know why former Superintendent Bradley Rice was fired last month.

According to an investigation, he violated many policies.

Now, the governor's office is taking action to improve those policies.

A 15-page document page summary from the governor's office goes into full detail of why Rice was fired and why the Nebraska State Patrol is being closely watched.

"I was more qualified, had more education, more time in the division. They continued to select male employees over me, said Carla Schreiber.

she won a lawsuit against Nebraska State Patrol ten years ago for not getting a raise.

"After the lawsuit, I received a promotion, and I wasn't treated very kindly,” Schreiber said.

Now, years later, the Nebraska State Patrol is back in hot water.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said, "If the colonel is not behaving up to my expectations. I can relieve him immediately.”

That’s what Ricketts did last month. He fired Rice.

“He engaged in inappropriate internal affairs investigation on four occasions, that inappropriate conduct was the catalyst,” said Jason Jackson, the governor's chief human resources officer.

The state's human resources officer says rice was also fired due to:

-violating workplace and equal opportunity policies

-and violating the chain of command

The Nebraska State Patrol released a statement after the news conference:

“As we pledged at the outset of Mr. Jackson's review, NSP personnel have cooperated fully in an effort to improve our agency. We welcome the findings and, based on conversations throughout the process, have already begun to implement some of the recommendations. NSP looks forward to continued work with Mr. Jackson and Governor Ricketts in our goal to keep Nebraska safe."

As of now, Ricketts is only focusing on improving policies.

Jackson said, "Those policies could have been the factor to leading to those issues."

Ricketts said, “With any organization, we want continuous improvement.”

Schreiber said, "I hope, based on his comments, they're going to look at some of their policies and maybe compare our policies to law enforcement agencies.

While Ricketts could not speak about any of the pending lawsuits, he says they will hold a meeting in the future to share improvements and any info about investigations.

In the review papers, it does say that the patrol didn't even document the complaint from the trooper, and that was another red flag.

There's now an acting superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol.

Ricketts will be looking for a new one soon.

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