Guitars for Vets helps veterans cope with PTSD

Some vets say it’s a great way relax and relieve stress.

There are now some new graduates in the metro, but they aren't your typical grads.

These veterans actually completed the "Guitars for Vets" program designed to help veterans cope with PTSD.

Veterans enroll in a 10-week therapy program where they learn to play guitar during weekly one-hour classes.

“This was a great way to sit down and practice for 20-30 minutes each week and learn a good skill for later," said Air Force Veteran Amelia Fiser.

This year, they were allotted seven guitars, but in the coming years, they are hoping for much more.

The Nebraska Guitars for Vets chapter is always open to donations, so they can buy more guitars for vets.

They are also open to getting help from guitar instructors.

Visit Guitars for Vets Nebraska on Facebook at

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