Esteban Santiago identified as gunman in Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting

The man who is suspected of gunning down at least 13 people at Fort Lauderdale airport, killing five, has been named as a 26-year-old Esteban Santiago.

The FBI will hold a press conference from Alaska to shed more light on Santiago and his background.

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The suspect’s brother, Bryan Santiago, told The Associated Press that he had been receiving psychological treatment while living in Alaska.

The man believed to have opened fire on dozens of passengers at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport flew into the airport on a Canadian flight with a checked gun in his bag, according to Commissioner Chip Lamarca.

The gunman then went to the bathroom, loaded the weapon and came out shooting. Thirteen people were shot. It is legal to transport unloaded firearms in checked baggage if you follow TSA guidelines.

The Senator also said the gunman had a military ID on him, but Nelson could not confirm the validity of the identification.

The Broward Sheriff's Office says the gunman has not been harmed and is being questioned by the FBI and, at this point, it's too early to determine whether the shooting is linked to terrorism.

The shooting left five people dead and eight others wounded, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Police took the gunman into custody. Fernand Pascoal shared a photo of the gunman's arrest with CBS12.

According to CBS News, Santiago was born in New Jersey and early indications show the FBI is not seeing any links to terrorism.