Hail damage leaves its mark on Omaha


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - A hailstorm in the Omaha area Thursday night caused plenty of damage to homes, rooftops and cars. On Friday, hundreds of people got a closer look at the damage that is now impacting them.

"My rear window is completely out," said Roger Humphries of Omaha.

Humphries showed FOX 42 News Friday a box of his that is now filling up with shards of glass. Hail stones the size of golf balls are responsible for the mess.

"Some are even larger than that and some are oddly shaped. I figured I better collect some because I might need that for insurance purposes."

Humphries was one of hundreds of people impacted by Thursday night's bad weather. It was a storm so severe he's still trying to wrap his mind around it.

"The rain was coming, the hail was coming and the hail was coming just as fast as the rain."

A neighbor of Humphries is now also dealing with storm damage. Hail stones damaged the roof of his shed and the siding to his house also got damaged. There are also other dings and dents, but Wayne Brown isn't getting too frustrated. He's trying to make the best of a tough situation.

"I'll have to check with the siding guys and see what they want to do," said Brown.

As for Humphries, he thinks his insurance will cover most of the damage.

"That's why I have full coverage on the car."

If your property was damaged by hail, keep in mind insurance companies are busy. Agents told us they've already had several hundred calls since Friday morning. Also, a lot of them are still dealing with the thousands of claims from tornadoes two weeks ago.

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