Huskers football makes stop in Fremont

Huskers football makes stop in Fremont

The band was playing. The fans were cheering.

It was much like a football game at Fremont Golf Course.

Huskers Football made a pre-season stop in Fremont Thursday.

"I look up to everyone who plays for the huskers," said one Fremont High School football player.

Huskers Head coach Mike Riley was there greeting fans.

"This is like one big big project to get this team back to where Zach had it back in the day," said Riley.

Riley took over as head coach in 2015.

"We wanted to meet Coach Riley and and thank him for bringing dignity back to our program after the last couple years," said Mary Thomson.

'I asked him "would I be a good defensive lineman?" and he said you look more like a linebacker," said Ryan Lingelbach, a young fan of the Huskers.

The stop in Fremont was part of the remaining days of an eight stop tour.

Organizers pulled it together to get fans pumped for the season in September, and to talk about what's next for the team.

We asked Brandt Lingelbach, who attended the event with his parents, if he's a huge Husker fan:

"You know it," said Brandt, "one because I live in Nebraska, and two because Mike Riley is the best head coach ever."

"My husband and I we went to college during the glory days of when Nebraska football had the championships," said Julie Lingelbach, "so we're just hoping that that will come back. we have faith in Mike Riley."

The team also made a stop in Elkhorn.

The tour ends in Nebraska City on Friday.

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