Slick conditions keep Omaha metro police officers busy

Insurance companies will be busy on Wednesday.

Drivers all around the Omaha metro have been involved in dozens of crashes and police officers say you can blame the slick roads and speeding drivers for that.

"Either driving too fast or not having a large enough following distance."

That's what La Vista Police Officer Caleb Clark said was causing a lot of the crashes on Tuesday, but crashes weren’t the only emergencies Clark was going to.

"We've also had several rescue calls of people slipping on the ice. We had one female who slipped and believed she broke her ankle, and then another who slipped and hit her head."

The icy conditions also forced Clark and his fellow officers to change things like how they arrest people.

Clark said, "We actually didn't put the handcuffs on the person we arrested till we actually got to the car and were putting him in the car because we didn't want them to fall on the ice while handcuffed and not be able to catch themselves."

It's adjustments like these that he says officers might have to make all winter long.

"The temperatures are dropping again and we have more people out and about. I'm anticipating more problems."

However, Clark isn't the only one who has to worry about those dropping temperatures, so do drivers.

Clark said, "Just assume the worst when it comes to ice and be prepared."

If you're out on the road even on Wednesday morning Clark's advice is to still take it slow. Certain roads are dry while other areas are still pretty slick.

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