Injured bald eagle undergoes surgery at Henry Doorly Zoo

Veterinarians say the two-hour long surgery was successful.

A new set of wings and a new bill of health.

The bald eagle found mysteriously weak and not able to fly underwent surgery Friday at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Doctors gave him a skin graft.

Fishermen found the eagle in early May near Syracuse, Nebraska.

Rescuers took it to Fontenelle Forest's rehabilitation center.

Once the eagle gained more strength, they brought it to the zoo.

They say the eagle hit a power line and had a severe burn on his skin

Veterinarians say the two-hour long surgery was successful.

"Everything went very smoothly, and everything we planned to do got done,” plastic surgeon Dr. Coleen Stice said. β€œThe eagle went through the procedure well and a skin graft is in place, and now we just keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't tear it loose.”

The zoo will keep the eagle under 24-hour surveillance until they and Fontenelle Forest believe he is ready to be released.

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