It's a "stinky" situation for some neighbors in the Bennington area

It's a "stinky" situation for some neighbors in the Bennington area

Omaha,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-A landfill in Bennington is now a problem for neighbors.

"It's a cross between cow and horse manure, fertilizer, things dying, yea it's not a good smell," Dori Settles said. She lives five minutes away from it.

It's called the Pheasant Point Landfill. It's near Highway 36.

She says it's an eyesore.

"You can see all the trash," she said. "It looks like it's birds flying sometimes."

She says the problem has prolonged for weeks and it hasn't changed. Settles thinks the landfill is not properly covered.

"The last couple of weeks, me and the neighbors have noticed it's been smelling more," she said.

FOX 42 reached out to Pheasant Point to find out if and when it covers the trash, it said:

"It's a priority for our facility to ensure that the trash is covered properly at the end of each operating day. Pheasant Point, uses a combination of both large tarps and soil for daily cover as permitted by the Nebraska Dept. of Environmental Quality. Tarps are a good alternative cover, especially in inclement weather conditions, like rain, rather than soil."

We even contacted the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to confirm this statement, it also said:

"An owner or operator of a municipal solid waste disposal area shall cover waste with six (6) inches of earthen material at the end of each operating day, or at more frequent intervals if necessary, to control disease vectors, fires, odors, blowing litter, and scavenging."

"Certainly during the day it's not covered, and I' sure they have to do some work with it but it's a large landfill pile," Settles said.

If you wish to file a complaint about odors or other concerns about the operation of a landfill, you can stop by this office or call this number (402) 471-2186.

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