It's another "good-bye" to a business in the Old Market

It's another "good-bye" to a business in the Old Market

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-It hasn't been one month yet and another business in the Old Market is closing up shop. First, it was "The Tea Smith" now it's the "Beansmith". It's only been around for two years.

It's happening rather quickly so you're managing talking with guest and explaining to them why it's happening and making sure the staff has a place to go when it does close down," Ian Wiese said. He's an employee of the "Beansmith".

Owner, Christopher Smith, says a lot of customers are upset because they have to shut down operations.

"Extra property taxes that are increasing, they get passed right on down to the tenants of all the buildings and that's a different thing because now your rent is increasing because of these taxes," Smith said

"Our cost of operating the business really superseded the revenues coming in."

He says not a lot of people were coming in to buy coffee.

"When people go to a coffee shop normally they don't want to pay for parking so that adds a restrictive point,” Smith said.

Smith says there's a reason that it's affecting small business owners more.

"When you don't have other shops or businesses it can become extremely difficult."

Now the question comes down to what's the future for the shop.

"What could we have done better, what went wrong and what will be do next time that will be a lot of the focus from here," Wiese said.

The storefront will close October 15. Smith says they will continue to support its online and wholesale customers.

FOX 42 contacted the president of the Old Market Association, he says while some businesses are leaving, more things are being developed in that area.

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