Julio Cesar-Ortega's niece wants justice for her uncle

Julio Cesar-Ortega's niece wants justice for her uncle

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-It's now a race to piece together what happened to 29-year-old Julio Cesar-Ortega. He was found dead inside his car in front of an Omaha police station. Friday evening, First Responders and local pastors held a prayer walk for the family.

"When I first found out that he had passed away, I was in complete shock, I couldn't believe," Yesenia Ortega Jimenez said. She's Ortega's niece.

Police say he was badly hurt by someone and drove to the police station.

"I think that if someone would have seen the camera, where he parked maybe, he would be alive right now, badly injured but alive," she said.

Yesenia lives in Minnesota, miles away from her favorite uncle.

"I use to spend the weekends with my grandparents and him, going fishing, going to church, we went to school together."

She thinks about what may have been his last thoughts.

"If he was there, he was there for a reason, she said. "It shouldn't have happened this way."

Yesenia wants justice for Cesar-Ortega.

"I just hope they can find whoever did this."

The family wants to send Cesar-Ortega back to Mexico to be buried with his father. It's his mother's goal.

If you have any information on this case, call Crime Stoppers. You could be eligible for a 25,000 reward.

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