La Petite Academy face two lawsuits after employee sexually abuse children

La Petite Academy now face two lawsuits after employee sexually abuse children

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-Some parents are now taking action in court against an Omaha daycare.

This comes after a worker admitted he abused several young girls.

"We now know from Mark Mays own words that he raped babies as young as one years old at La Petite Academy and Little Hands,” said Jeff Herman, lawyer for the victims’ families.

Mark Mays, 25, is convicted of doing the unthinkable.

He admitted to sexually assaulting young children at several daycares and schools between 2011 and 2015.

Now, parents want to know how this could ever happen.

"When he was caught kissing a little girl and having her sit in his lap, that he would have been terminated. Unfortunately that didn't happen," Herman said.

According to court documents, La Petite Academy now faces two lawsuits for two one-year-old girls.

Herman said, "We want to know why they let him change these little girl diapers when they promised the families that he would not."

Police say they even found child pornography on Mays' phone and computer.

"The parents have to rely on daycares to follow safety rules to ensure that their kids are going to be safe," Herman said. “When you're worried about a man crossing boundaries with little kids you worry that he may be a pedophile so you don't risk the lives of little kids."

Herman says in this case, they believe rules were broken.

"If they contacted the schools and did background checks, they would know he was not rehirable."

The worst part is the innocence Mays took from these children that Herman says no amount of money will make up for.

"Unfortunately, this babies and families will have to live with this the rest of their lives." Herman said.

La Petite Academy would only say in a statement:

"We can't comment on pending litigation...but we take our responsibility as caregivers very seriously. Our staff undergoes state-mandated background checks. Our employment practices and strict protocol of care meet or exceed state and federal requirements. Providing a safe and nurturing learning environment remains our top priority."

Herman also says there's a pending lawsuit at Little Hands Daycare and a third lawsuit for La Petite Academy for a third baby Mays admitted to assaulting.

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