La Vista home still damaged from deadly crash six years ago; neighbors look for answers

La Vista home still damaged from deadly crash six years ago; neighbors look for answers

LA VISTA --A damaged home that was the scene of a deadly car crash six years ago isn't going to get fixed any time soon.

La Vista city officials say there isn't much it can do to force the owner to fix it.

The homeowner says he never got any notices from the city.

While this keeps going back and forth people who live nearby say they're stuck right in the middle.

"My mom calls it La Vista trash," says Brian Barnes whose parents live right up the street on Park View Boulevard.

The grass is up to a person's knee, there are notices on the door, and tape around the windows

"You see this and you think the rest of the area around it is the same way, and it's not," says Victor Robb, a neighbor who was once paid to mow that yard.

They say the home has looked like this for seven years.

In 2011, a car crashed into the home and killed the two passengers.

Four years later, Fox 42 followed up on the damage and found the windows were still boarded.

"This happens every year, probably four or five times a year," says Colin Ruppert, La Vista Police Department's Code Enforcement Officer.

Officer Ruppert says he's put at least 20 notices on the door in the last few years.

"Not only does it take time away from my work for other people, the neighbors it has to be a burden on them," he said.

He says neither the police department nor the city can do much more because there is a homeowner.

State records show the home is owned by an agent at Timberline, LLC.

Fox 42 reached out the owner. He didn't want to go on camera, but says he never received notices in the mail from the city or from police about the violations.

"They can't just go in and condemn it and take it from him," Officer Ruppert said.

People who live nearby say they just want it fixed.

Even though that doesn't appear likely any time soon.

La Vista building inspectors say if an owner has a vacant home they only have to stay up to code on outside maintenance.

That includes lawn mowing, snow removal and making sure windows are not boarded up.

If someone owns the home they can be fined.

The city has been mowing the homeowner's lawn for the past few years.

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