Local child battles rare form of leukemia, ice cream flavor named after her

20-month-old Sabrina Andersen with her mom, Amanda Andersen; photo courtesy of Amanda Andersen.

A local child battling a rare form of leukemia now has an ice cream flavor named after her.

Doctors say the girl has only weeks to live.

On Tuesday, people in the Dundee neighborhood were using the ice cream to help the child’s family pay for all of the medical bills.

A cupcake flavored ice cream at eCreamery was named after little Sabrina Andersen.

She's been battling a rare form of leukemia since she was just seven months old.

Her mom, Amanda Andersen, said, "It's actually, technically, two kinds: AML and ALL, and when you treat one the other one comes back."

After Sabrina was diagnosed Andersen had to stop teaching at Dundee Elementary. Andersen said it's been tough financially for her and her husband.

"Even with insurance it's really challenging and it's a big stress,” said Andersen who was told by doctors that Sabrina may only have a few weeks left to live. She was moved into hospice care Tuesday.

Andersen said, "There just is nothing out there anymore that will work and we don't want to put her through anymore chemo and hospitals...all we really want to focus on is the care of our daughter."

It’s why people like TJ Weiss are stepping up to help. He's putting donation jars with Sabrina’s picture and her story at eCreamery and other businesses in Dundee.

Weiss said, “If you can help one person in your life, I mean, why not?"

Weiss also came up with the name "Sabrina's Surprise,” an ice cream flavor that Dundee students and others in the neighborhood got the chance to buy on Tuesday.

Jill Moeller, PTO co-president at Dundee Elementary, said, "We're hoping just to raise as much money as we can to help offset costs, medical and travel expenses that they've incurred over the last year."

Andersen said, "It's just so humbling that kind of generosity, kindness."

Other fundraisers will be going on for the Andersen family in the coming weeks.

Weiss said Tuesday night’s ice cream event brought in over $600.

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