Local guitar hero wins national contest

" I put a lot of work into it," contest winner Zachary Adkins said.

Guitar manufacturer Ibanez recently held its annual Flying Fingers contest.

Musicians from across the country submit a one-minute video of their best guitar licks.

Those are judged by some of the industry's great guitar players, and this year the winner happens to be from Omaha.

“This is the first year they did it in the United States,” said Zachary Adkins, who won the contest. "It was always like Indonesia or China. When [the judge] started copying what I was doing, that’s how he announced who the winner was. I obviously recognized it immediately, and I just kind of freaked out.”

Adkins continued to say, “I didn’t just pick up my guitar and start playing. I thought about everything I wanted to do and sectioned it off piece by piece. I put a lot of work into it.”

He recalled the process by saying, “I know this part needs a certain feel. This part needs another faster or maybe this part needs to be a little slower.”

Adkins said his favorite guitarist is Ace Frehley from Kiss.

“You can't over learn the guitar, so every day, I pick it up I do so they had never done in 13 years of playing.,” Adkins said.

For his efforts, Adkins will receive an Ibanez guitar and, of course, bragging rights.

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