Longhorn goes for a car ride on a Nebraska roadway

*CONTENT WARNING: Video contains profanity.* A man in Nebraska was filmed driving by with a massive Longhorn sitting right in the passengers seat. (COURTESY: Angie Kriz and the Polka Toons)

It's definitely not something you see every day.

A man was an hour and half west of Sioux City when he filmed a massive Longhorn sitting right in the passenger’s seat.

Craig Falls is the man who shot the video and he says he was on his way to a polka "gig" when he whipped out his phone to capture the unusual sight.

Falls says the man behind the wheel is Lee Meyer from Neligh, Nebraska.

According to comments on Falls Facebook post, this actually isn't that uncommon; people use these types of cars as floats to show off their cattle or other livestock at festivals.

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