LSU fans save life of Florida fan at CWS game, man had heart attack

Left to right: LSU fans Jimmy Roy & Dr. Jerry Poché saved the life of a Florida fan at Monday night's College World Series game.

Imagine saving someone's life.

Now imagine if that person was a fan of the team that you wanted your team to beat.

That happened Monday night at the College World Series.

Two LSU dads jumped into action and saved a Florida fan, and now they’re being called heroes.

"I'm like, I think he's dead."

That was Dr. Jerry Poché’s reaction when he saw a man at Monday night's College World Series game.

Poché said, ‘"Cole Freeman's momma came and grabbed me and said “Doc, we got somebody in trouble."’

Poché says the person in trouble was an 87-year-old Florida fan who had a heart attack.

Poché said, "I'm looking at him, no pulse. He's got some agonal respirations."

That's when he jumped into action on the concourse.

Poché said, "We quickly put him down, started chest compressions."

Fellow LSU fan Jimmy Roy was also there to help. He's a firefighter.

Roy says that he’s performed CPR hundreds of times, but that he’s “never had to do mouth-to-mouth before."

Poché said, "Next thing you know he starts breathing on his own and he got a pulse back."

Poché says they did CPR for several minutes. Soon, paramedics showed up to take the man to a hospital.

Poché said, "You do what you've got to do. Thank God he made it to the hospital and apparently they said he was in stable condition."

Roy said, "Reactions just kind of take over at that point, instincts, and he's very fortunate."

After what happened Roy says he has some advice for everyone: learn how to give CPR. He says you never know when it might be you who has to save someone's life.

Roy said, "All I did was do what I would hope anybody else would do. I don't consider what I did anything heroic, just doing the right thing, and we happened to be at the right place at the right time."

Poché said, "I hope he's in good spirits. I hope he's stable and I wish him best of luck with the rest of his life."

Poché is the dad of LSU pitcher Jared Poché.

Roy's son, Travis Roy, is the LSU strength coach.

The man they helped is Bobby Harvey. Staff at Nebraska Medicine say he is doing okay.

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