Malvern Manor to be featured on TLC's 'Paranormal Lockdown'

Malvern Manor to be featured on TLC's 'Paranormal Lockdown'

It's a building that used to take care of travelers and later those recovering from things like mental illness.

Now, the old Malvern Manor, about an hour south of Omaha, is getting some national attention.

However, it's not for its history, but rather, the spooky things and haunted voices inside.

"You have everything from objects being physically your clothes getting tugged, your hair getting pulled."

That's just a handful of things that Josh Heard said happens at Malvern Manor.

“It's crazy stuff."

Now, you might witness some of that crazy stuff on TLC's next episode of "Paranormal Lockdown."

Heard said, "We've seen every episode so we're all kind of into those ghost shows."

Heard said to actually be on one of those shows now is pretty amazing.

"We never thought that anything like, especially to this scale, would happen."

The hosts, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman came to the manor last fall.

Heard said, "They were locked inside for 72 hours."

They got to know the building that's been around since the mid-1800's. Heard said the manor was once a hotel, nursing and group home for many people, some who even died there.

“This was home to them so maybe they're just hanging out in their afterlife."

Heard said he's not sure what room the hosts slept in while they were at the manor, but no matter where it was they didn't get much sleep. Heard said during the first night Groff only slept for about an hour.

Heard said, “That would hopefully suggest that they had some good experiences."

The episode featuring Malvern Manor airs Friday night on TLC at eight o'clock.

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