Update: Man robs, sexually assaults Sarpy County woman at gunpoint, officials say


Update: Sarpy county deputies are going door to door Friday morning actively searching for the man who sexually assaulted and robbed a woman in her home late Wednesday night.

Officials say the man they think was responsible was spotted in the area near 148th and Giles. Deputies have an area between 148th and 156th blocked off for their manhunt right now.


Sarpy County officials are actively looking for the man they say robbed and sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint late Wednesday night.

At around 11:30 p.m., officials say an armed man entered a home near 156th Street and Giles Road.

Officials say the man robbed and sexually assaulted a woman, who was in the home alone.

The Sarpy County Sheriff's Department is now urging people to lock the doors of their garages, cars and homes.

The investigation is ongoing.

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