Man says his dash cam caught 'smash and grab' thieves in the act

Man says his dash cam caught 'smash and grab' thieves in the act

Dakota Parsons says it's still shocking to watch the video.

"When it first happened I was pretty angry," said Parsons, who lives in West Omaha.

He says he recorded bad guys stealing things right from his car.

"The driver got out came to the passenger side of my car and broke the windows and started grabbing stuff out," said Parsons. "When he started grabbing stuff out the back seat passenger got out and grabbed the stuff from the guy who smashed the windows, and then the guy who smashed the windows went back and grabbed more stuff, and they got in the car and they all left."

The 21-year-old college student had just installed the dash cam.

His car was in a parking lot at work.

He says more than $4,000 worth of stuff is now gone, including his laptop.

"It has a whole bunch of stuff that I programmed before that I can't get back," said Parsons. "It's scary, but at the same time I'm glad I had footage and I caught them."

Police say the bad guys are still on the loose.

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