Man wins food challenge devouring the 'Stellanator'

Man wins food challenge devouring the 'Stellanator'

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - 28 minutes and five seconds is how long it took Randy Santel to eat the "Stellanator."

It's a four-pound burger plus condiments and fries.

Santel is on the restaurant's wall of fame for doing it in less than 45 minutes.

He has eaten this burger before at Stella's Bar and Grill in Bellevue. His best time is a little more than seven minutes.

The "Stellanator" is definitely one serious burger.

"Six patties, six pieces of cheese, twelve pieces of bacon, six eggs, you got your mayo lettuce pickle tomato and onion, jalapenos, grilled onions, peanut butter," said Michelle Alexander, who helps run the restaurant with her family.

Santel calls himself a "professional eater." He's gone all around the world doing food challenges.

"Back when I first started, before doing a real big meal, like 18 to 22 hours before hand, i'd eat 12 pounds of watermelon," said Santel, who started doing this back in 2010.

Now he drinks water and has a system down. He also has his own YouTube channel.

"The real game and the fun was to do all these various food challenges, traveling everywhere, while trying to still stay healthy and maintain a mean physique," said Santel.

He says the key ingredient to winning a food challenge is having confidence.

Find out more about Randy Santel on his Facebook fan page.

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