Members of Neb. Task Force 1 in path of Hurricane Maria

PUERTO RICO(FOX 42 KPTM)-- Members of Nebraska's Task Force 1 serving in Puerto Rico were moved to safety Wednesday morning as Hurricane Maria pummeled the area.

The National Hurricane Center says Maria made landfall on the island near the city of Yabucoa with winds of 155 mph. A few hours later, the winds died down to 145 mph, but that's still a Category 4 hurricane. It can rip roofs off houses.

It's the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in 89 years.

Rescuers from Nebraska have been holed up there for days now.

This morning the crews were moved to safe places.

They posted this video of winds whipping trees back and forth and debris all over the ground as Maria's eye passed over the island.

Officials say all members of the rescue teams are safe and accounted for.

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