Metro hit with hail and strong wind

Metro hit with hail and wind

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) — Facebook and Twitter were buzzing Monday, and it all had to do with a massive hail, rain and wind storm that hit the area.

In the videos posted by viewers, you could hear the ice pinging on cars and trucks

People also sent us photos showing piles of hail on their back decks.

There was even enough ice for a viewer to collect it into a baggy!

The sky across the Metro was also impressive.

Ominous clouds made their way across the area.

People on Facebook were saying it looked more like summer than anything else.

There were power problems too. Electricity was knocked out in several areas including neighborhoods in Council Bluffs.

Before the day was over, though, a rainbow made an appearance across the sky.

In posts on social media, people were saying it was a beautiful ending to a crazy day of weather.

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