Twelve-year-old boy collects donations for pets in Texas

Twelve-year-old boy collects donations for pets in Texas 

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-A twelve-year-old boy is collecting donations for pets in Texas. He started on Tuesday.

"It's amazing, I never thought we would possibly get this much,"Landon Harding said. He attends Beadle Middle School.

It started off as just a service learning project for school.

"I had always wanted to help the pets, help anyone in need, and I’ve just been trying to find a way to do it,"Harding said.

Now, he says it goes beyond just a grade.

"Dogs are a man's best friend, so we need to just help the animals,” Harding said. “They need to be helped at a time like this just as much as humans do. It's sad, just to see the animals completely abandoned having to fight for their own lives in this."

If you drive by Harding’s home, you'll see a bin on the front porch.

It sits there all day and night, and people can walk up and drop stuff inside.

His mother, Amy Harding, said, "It's just so overwhelming with how many donations we've received in 48 hours." So many that instead of one trip to the drop-off site this weekend, she says it could be more.

Harding hopes this idea will inspire others.

The family plans to drop the items off Saturday morning at Come-Sit-Stay Daycare in Millard.

They're also taking cash donations. They've received $100 so far.

Checks can me made payable to "Muddy Paws."

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