Mixed reactions for the Keystone XL Project; people now worry about the future

Mixed reactions for the Keystone XL Project; people now worry about the future

LINCOLN,NE(FOX42KPTM)-Hundreds of people are now on edge as those for and against the Keystone XL Project prepare to head to court.

We're now just 12 hours away from those hearings, but dozens of people all across Nebraska had a lot to say:

Some are ready to get the project going, while others say "not so fast."

"This pipeline has been a fight, oh God, since 2010," said meet Ron Berringer.

He's a supporter of the pipeline and says the money he could get from it will help his daughters whose in college and high school.

"With these pipeline jobs, I can support them a lot better,” Berringer said. “This pays into my health and welfare, my pension plan. Yeah, there's other work, but it doesn't pay as much as a pipeline."

The Keystone XL Project is a way to move oil through the United States.

The Obama administration rejected it, but President Donald Trump brought it back to life in March. Now it comes down to Nebraska regulators whether to approve the projects.

"This pipeline going through a pipe is the safest way to move oil there is," Berringer said.

"I think it's time for this fighting to stop, let's get this this pipe in the ground. Put some people to work, get some food on the table for all these families."

But just across state in Lincoln, dozens of people flood the streets in protest.

Many say it'll cause environmental issues.

“We're standing on the steps at the state capitol where it says equality before the law. Where's the equality in the law that was passed to allow this pipeline?”

Shannon Graves says the pipeline puts people in danger, including her.

"My house sits 275 feet from where they want to put that pipe," Graves said.

She's also worries the pipe may leak.

"Of course, the things they put in the pipe will leak into the water." Graves said. "It's going to be plumped down beside me, whether I like it or not and it could make me very ill and that's a big concern for a lot of people in Nebraska."

Ultimately, the fate of the Keystone XL Project lies in the hands of Nebraska leaders.

There will be a court hearing this week, starting Monday morning at 9 in Lincoln.

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