Mother and child struck by own car in North Omaha

Mother and child hit by own car in North Omaha

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) – Michael Sweet of Omaha says he saw it all unfold while he was driving his SUV on Ames Avenue.

"I was like, wow, it's crazy. It was backing up without even looking, I didn't know it was actually a kid in there, who accidentally put the car in reverse," said Sweet.

A nine-year-old child, who was alone in a parked Ford Explorer, apparently touched the shifter of the car, causing it to roll Sunday afternoon, police said.

According to authorities, it started rolling backward and into the intersection of 61st and Ames Avenue.

"His mom came from out the laundry mat, and tried to grab the kid," said Sweet.

Both the mother and her son were struck by the Explorer, police said.

The Explorer also hit Sweet's SUV.

The woman and child were taken to the hospital. It was originally reported that they were in critical condition.

Police updated the information reporting that their injuries are now being considered non-life threatening.

"It's crazy. It's crazy. I mean, with these newer cars, you just kinda have to watch your kid."

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