Nebraska mother, son sentenced for synthetic marijuana sales

Nebraska mother, son sentenced for synthetic marijuana sales. Photo: MGN

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A federal judge in Lincoln has sentenced mother and son business owners to prison and has fined them millions, calling the synthetic marijuana they sold poison.

Allen Peithman was sentenced Tuesday to nearly 10 years in prison, and Sharon Elder was sentenced to more than five years. The millions in fines levied are in addition to a $1.2 million monetary judgment entered against the two.

The sentencing stems from a 2015 federal indictment saying Lincoln head shops Dirt Cheap and Island Smokes were responsible for distributing drugs, paraphernalia and financial crimes. The indictment was on the heels of more than 100 local residents being treated in the hospital after smoking a drug often called K2, potpourri or synthetic marijuana.

Defense attorney Korey Reiman says he plans to appeal the decision.

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