Nebraska Task Force 1 returns home from Texas

Nebraska Task Force 1 returns home from Texas 

LINCOLN,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-A group of people who helped rescue those in Texas is now back home. It's called the Nebraska Task Force 1. The group spent more than a week in Texas helping hundreds of people when Hurricane Harvey touched down.

"It rained all day, sheets of water. When we made it down to Houston. There were places we couldn't go. We knew quickly what we were getting into," Katie Brown said. She's a medical specialist.

"It was just an overwhelming disaster, flood waters everywhere," Damon Wirth said. He is a member of the team as well.

Brown says people were not expecting the water to get so high. She says people were planning to wait it out, but eventually didn't have a choice.

"There were neighborhoods completely isolated by water, vehicles couldn't get in and vehicles couldn't get out,” Brown said.

Wirth says they were picking people up out the water and sending them to safe places all day.

Members say they had to go inside homes to help people gather their things.

"Seeing people on the streets, seeing their possessions and belongings underwater,” Wirth said. "It was very eye-opening."

They also say the people in Texas were happy to see them arrive to help.

The team members say they're happy to be home. They also say it will take a very long time for Houston to recover.

The Nebraska Task Force 1 is now taking a break, but also preparing for anything that could strike next.

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