Nebraska's tornadoes cause businesses to rebuild

Nebraska's tornadoes cause businesses to rebuild

Businesses are still cleaning up from Friday's tornadoes.

"We've had some minor wind damage here and there--but nothing like this,” said Jim Shaw, who owns a winery business. “I came up and I saw our stage had blown down, which is a major thing for us because we do weddings through the summer. I thought our whole building would go down. It was scary. We brought everyone down to our basement for protection.”

The tornado also hit his crops and ultimately, his pocketbook.

Shaw says he's looking at about $250,000 worth of damage.

That includes his vineyard, his building and its stage.

It even destroyed a propane tank near his home.

"We couldn't sleep at home,” he said. “We ended up sleeping in our winery on several bags of grains."

Just across town, in La Platte, Sissy Davie is also sorting out what's left of her business.

She said, "This tornado went right through our entire lot, and, as you can see, it got the edge of the building."

She owns a truck and farming business.

She's still without water and power.

"This was something new to see,” Davie said. “It wasn't ordinary. We've never had stuff like this happen before. It basically took us out on the ranching aspect of it.”

She moved all 130 cows to Nebraska City.

Davie also says not only will this put some of her employees out of work, now she has to start both businesses over from scratch.

"It really impacts us and I don't know when we will get this structure rebuilt -but we're going to give it our best shot," Shaw said.

Officials say most the heavy damage is in Sarpy County.

The majority of insurance claims are for wind damage to homes.

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