New court documents released on deadly jail escape

New court documents released on deadly jail escape

Wesley Correa-Carmenaty, made a brief first court appearance in Iowa Wednesday.

On the same day, Pottawattamie County officials released key documents in what lead up to a deadly shooting during a jail escape.

"Those are the affidavits that the law enforcement officers that investigated this case prepared," said Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber.

The records show that Correa-Carmenaty, 24, was in a van being taken back to county jail from the court house.

It reads, "Correa-Carmenaty made statements to a fellow female prisoner that he was going to be getting out."

It also says "[he] was able to defeat the locking mechanism to his handcuffs and leg shackles."

When the van got to the jail, the affidavit says both deputies went to the back door of the van.

The document says "Deputy Morgan then removed the female prisoner," and it goes on to say "Deputy Burbridge stayed by the rear door area and waited for Correa-Carmenaty to exit."

In the paperwork, that's where it says he got violent.

He "physically assaulted Deputy Burbridge" with "numerous lacerations to the head, neck and arms."

The document also says that Correa-Carmenaty then got behind the wheel of the van, and Deputy Burbridge and Morgan jumped back into the van to try to arrest him.

"[A] struggle then ensued during which Correa-Carmenaty was able to take possession and control of one of the deputy's duty firearms and shot Deputy Burbridge in the head," says the document. "[He] then turned and shot Deputy Morgan in the abdomen."

When both deputies were on the ground, the paperwork says Correa-Carmenaty "had taken possession of both deputy's firearms."

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