New roundabout in Aksarben now causing a "new" problem for drivers

New roundabout in Aksarben now causing a "new" problem for drivers

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)- The new roundabout on 63rd and Shirley streets just opened up a couple of weeks ago. Its original goal was to curb speeding, but neighbors say you really can't see it.

"There are still improvements that need to be made," Al Hatfield said. Hatfield lives up the street from that intersection.

The roundabout was built with the idea that it would keep cars from crashing and slow drivers down.

"You can clearly see that cars are not going 50 miles per hour," Hatfield said.

He says it met its goal, but it also brought a new problem. Drivers are now having trouble seeing the roundabout, which explains the skid marks.

"I think we definitely need to make the visual profile higher for safety reasons," Hatfield said.

The city of Omaha says it is not anything to be worried about.

"We do expect to see some skid marks and tire marks on those things, it's kind of inevitable, it happens at every project," Todd Pfitzer said. He's the city of Omaha traffic engineer.

He says if the city puts a larger roundabout, crews would have had to take peoples' front yards, so they put in a mini one.

"That middle has to be just concrete so a truck can roll over it and that's by design," Pfitzer said.

The city says it's now working to make sure drivers can see.

"We have gone out and painted the curb around it with bright-yellow reflective paint."

They also ordered reflectors like ones near 32nd and Martha streets.

Still, Hatfield says it's going to take some getting use to first.

"We need to give it a little bit more time and let people become aware it's there," Hatfield said.

The city says with any new project, it's a trial run. If more improvements need to be made in the future, they will be done.

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