Not such a "Happy Holidays" for one Omaha family

Not such a "Merry Christmas" for one Omaha family

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-Omaha police are now looking for a real-life Grinch.

That's after a family says its Christmas decorations were stolen and destroyed overnight.

"I kind of wanted to dress up my new house and make it look nice in the new neighborhood that we're in,” Ed Rieser said. "All my extension cords were out and all of my lights were gone and my LED lights that projects snowflakes on the house, all of those were gone."

His inflatable snowman was cut open, too.

"Is this really now the time of season to be doing careless acts of theft like this?" he asked

For Rieser and his family, this goes deeper than stolen items; this will be the family's first Christmas in this home.

They moved there Jan. 1.

"I wanted to show off and have it fancy for my house, for my kids, so they could enjoy Christmas but now all of that has been taken"

Because of this, he says he's not really excited to put anything else up.

"I don't want to keep feeding something that could potentially happen again."

When Rieser called his neighbor to tell him his stuff was stolen and to keep an eye out, his neighbor had a story for him, too.

"He said, 'that's ironic because my car was broken into and all the change was taken out,'" Rieser recalled. "It was probably the same perpetrator who took my stuff."

From this, Rieser plans to make some security changes around his home.

"People shouldn't have to go to that extent to project their stuff just enjoy the holidays."

Those changes include a surveillance system and a "You're on camera" sign.

Ackerman Security says you can also put out heavier items or wrap your holiday lights tightly.

This will make it harder for thieves to try and steal.

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