Now is the time to get your home ready for winter experts say

Now is the time to get your home ready for winter experts say

For more than a decade, Jan Nicola has been selling homes, but a big part of her job is education. If you own property, or even rent, come wintertime you need to know what to do.

Some tips may seem obvious, but Nicola says you'd be surprised what people can forget.

"During the winter of course it's very cold outside, you'll shut all your windows and lock them too because that seals them well," she said.

If you're not home in the winter and you have the thermostat turned down, it's important to think of your pipes.

"A lot of the time the plumbing is on the outside walls, so you want to open the cupboards to let some of the warmth of the kitchen to get under the sink to prevent freezing," said Nicola.

On the outside of the home, mentioned the importance of cleaning leaves out of the gutters.

"Make them all clear so the water can run freely through the downspout and make sure your extensions are on bringing water away from the house," she said.

Next, we went over to an indoor closest where the home's furnace is installed.

"Another important thing is to have your furnace serviced every fall," said Nicola.

To go deeper on the subject of furnace maintenance, Jesse Krivolavek of American Energy Advisors, had some important advice.

He says to check your filter and replace it, and even set a reminder in your phone to do it. It's a cheap fix that could save you a bundle.

"When a filter gets dirty, it restricts airflow, so the amount of energy it takes for the furnace blower to continue to blow gets restriction and that restriction could cost you utilities," he said.

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