Nun among triathletes at Levi Carter Park

Nun among triathletes at Levi Carter Park

At 87 years young, Sister Madonna Buder says her age doesn't stop her.

"Oh, I think my first triathlon was in '82, so you do the math," said Sister Buder. "A lot of it is in the mindset. It's not just physical. It's really mental."

Over the weekend, this Catholic nun from Washington will swim, bike and run in the USA Triathlon National Championships at Levi Carter Park.

"Of the three, I feel the freest on the bike," said Sister Buder.

It turns out she's known as the "Iron Nun," and has accomplished a lot over the years.

Sister Buder is a six-time triathlon world champion for her age group, and she owns several national titled. She's the defending champ for her age group at this years competition.

"Being in competition isn't for the competitiveness itself, but to join others who are also out there enjoying God's nature, and sharing life experiences, and all of them are life experiences," said Sister Buder.

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