Officials warn drivers to obey construction signs and orange cones

Officials warn drivers to obey construction signs and orange cones

Here's one you don't see every day: a car drives around barricades and into a construction area and then gets stuck in fresh cement.

“It was probably less than 30 minutes old when they went into,” said Thomas Shafer of the Lincoln Public Works Department. "It was really not set up for a vehicle and it sunk up to the axles."

He says the cones were there for a reason.

“We occasionally get folks who are not paying attention-not obeying traffic control devices."

It took more than two hours to get the car out, and it slowed down traffic.

Shafer also told FOX 42 if someone destroys a construction site with their car, the driver must pay for those damages.

“This will be a bill that we will be presenting to the driver, and I assume they will talk to their insurance company," Shafer said,

He says that bill is at least $10,000.

“Pay attention to the cones out there, and pay attention to the sign.”

Shafer says this warning is not only for your safety but for that of city workers, too.

“A lot of times-these are up for workers’ safety, and that's one of the important things,” he said. “We don't want to get anyone hurt.”

Shafer says sometimes it's even best to dodge construction sites even if you must take a longer route.

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