Horse's tail cut off, stolen; humane society warns of rising problem

An Omaha couple wants to find out who broke into their barn and cut the tail off of one of their horses.

"I got tears in my eyes, cried," said Ronald Hendryx, who was devastated Thursday night.

That’s when he and his wife say someone broke into their barn overnight and cut one of their horse's tails.

"It upset us because now our horse can't swat flies this summer. That's what a horse's tail is for, to get the flies away from them."

Hendryx says they've lived there more than 30 years.

"I wish this would have never happened, but we live in a different day and age," he said.

Now they're worried for their other horse, too.

Hendryx says he stays up most of the night making sure the animals are OK and thinks he knows why someone would do this.

"They're doing this for profit,” he said, because horse hair has many uses.

Hendryx says he's not going to just wait for the next time.

Instead, he plans to install security cameras and hopes sending this warning to all horse lovers will help.

The Nebraska Humane Society says it is hearing about these kinds of cases more in the Omaha metro.

It says horse owners should monitor the animals closely.

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