Omaha couple hopes for a miracle after wedding photos stolen

Omaha couple hopes for a miracle after wedding photos stolen

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-Most people hope to look back at their wedding photos, but one Omaha couple can't.

"There's no way to get them back, how do you track down something like that," says Candy Heydorn.

Heydorn got married to the love of her life last Friday. By Monday morning, she got the call that flipped her world upside down.

"He said you're not going to believe this, truck got stolen, the camera and equipment was in and I was just devastated."

The truck belonged to her photographer. The camera had all her wedding photos in it.

"All of your pictures from this event that you've worked for over a year, you hoped and dreamed for, it's your one big day is gone," says Heydorn.

"The ones that's hard to get back would be the relatives from out of town, the people who traveled from California and Arizona on that day."

She says she spent this week posting to Facebook and searching the internet.

"Maybe someone will see it or someone would know something and turn it in," says Heydorn.

"We've thought about re-staging posed pictures, everybody get dressed up again and go to the park."

Heydorn still has cell phone pictures taken my family members.

"People posted a couple of photos so I'll go ahead and screen shot those,"says Heydorn.

If you happen to find a Canon EOST-6 camera, please contact FOX 42 newsroom (402)-554-4284

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