Omaha dog rescue calling on community to help keep its mission going

Omaha dog rescue calling on community to help keep its mission going

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Kyla Ehrisman says she wishes her organization could rescue even more dogs than it does.

"We have owner surrender requests everyday that we have to turn away,” said Ehrisman, who works for Heartland German Shepherd Rescue.

The organization is also known as “HUGS.”

It is not a shelter. Its mission is, instead, to find homes to treat and train pups.

Ehrisman says the short supply of people stepping up as "fosters" has got their mission in jeopardy.

She says there are just too many dogs to try and rescue.

"They're either going to take it to their vet and euthanize it, or they're going to take it to the humane society,” said Ehrisman, “and German Shepherds do not do well in kennel settings."

FOX 42’s Steve Saunders met with the team at Long Dog Fat Cat in West Omaha.

The store was filled with people checking out the puppies and hoping to adopt, but the list was short on people willing to foster.

"German Shepherds are really rewarding, and a very challenging breed so to find a foster who can handle the needs of a german shepherd is an extra challenge on top of that,” said Ehirsman

Anita Sailer is a “HUGS” foster who spoke to us about her experience.

"We have a really good structure to help out people, so you know we can answer any questions, we setup personal chats with you,” said Sailer.

Members of the organization say they hope more people will apply, foster, and adopt, to keep their mission alive.

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