Omaha for Boys program in need of hygiene products for teens

Omaha for Boys program in need of hygiene products for teens

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-Omaha for Boys has a program that helps 17 to 20 year old get on their feet. It's called Jacob's Place for Transitional Living. Teens are either homeless or coming out of foster care.

However, the supply for hygiene products is running low and donations have been scarce.

Program Manager, Brandy Gustoff says it's important to have this kind of stuff fully stocked.

"We're really low on those donations right now and our young people count on us to have those items available," says Gustoff.

They noticed the lack of stuff in the beginning of the month.

"We noticed wow our hygiene items our really low and this is our busy time of the year."

Gustoff is referring to soap, toothpaste and other personal care stuff. Those items are considered more critical than the rest,

"We've been critically low at times so in those situations young people have to use their stipend so that cuts into their food budget."

Most of the teens get monthly checks to help them but food. Having to spend that money on hygiene items can mean choosing between dental floss and food.

"I wouldn't feel too good about it knowing that I have to eat. Honestly, if it were me I would stick with food, rather than hygiene," says Jacob LeCroy. He's new to the program.

"You never know when maybe their laid off from employment or their just coming and they've been homeless so those things like toothpaste, toothbrush." says Gustoff

Now they are just hopping some donations can start rolling in soon.

If you would like to donate, you can call 402-558-0366 to schedule a day to drop off items.

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