Omaha man searches for woman who he says saved his life after car crash

Eric VanHunnik says he's searching for a woman who saved his life after a car crash

An Omaha man is now searching for the woman he says saved his life.

The man was in a pretty bad car crash a few weeks ago and he wants to thank the woman who helped him.

"I would consider Jennifer a guardian angel."

That's the name of the woman that Eric VanHunnik says he's searching for.

"I definitely want to thank her and let her know what a blessing she is."

VanHunnik says the car crash happened as he was finishing changing lanes. He says that’s when a semi was about to run him over.

"I had no choice but to swerve out of the way and I took the barrier instead of hitting the semi."

VanHunnik says not long after the crash a lady came running over to him. She was an EMT on her way to work.

VanHunnik said, "She got into the backseat and was just holding my neck...with her being there and talking to me it helped calm me down. I knew that I wasn't there by myself."

Once an ambulance showed up VanHunnik says Jennifer left.

"Even the ambulance people said that if she hadn't been there to help stabilize me who knows what kind of condition I would've been."

VanHunnik says he broke a shoulder blade and a couple of ribs. While he's recovering he's trying to find Jennifer and he’s using Facebook to do it.

He posted about the car crash and is asking for people’s help to find Jennifer.

VanHunnik said, "I'm really excited about that and hopeful that maybe Jennifer will either see this or somebody will get a hold of her, and I'd just really like to say thank you to her."

VanHunnik's Facebook post has blown up on social media. On Thursday it had over five hundred "likes” and more than 3,000 shares.

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