Omaha man wins gold medal at international culinary competition

Harrison Turone after winning Bocuse d'Or competition; Picture courtesy of Joey Loth.

An Omaha native is now considered an Olympic champion.

He's not an athlete. He's a chef.

Now, he and the rest of Team USA are bringing home the gold medal for cooking.

Wednesday was a proud day for those who've watched this young chef become a champion.

Joey Loth said, "It's great to say that this young chef got his start in Omaha."

Loth has watched Harrison Turone grow up.

“Ever since he was little he'd crawl up on the counter with his mom and try to figure out how she was making, and ask questions."

Now, she couldn't be prouder that the kid she knew is now an international champion.

Loth said, "They've been preparing and training for this six days a week for over a year."

Loth is talking about the Bocuse d'Or competition in Lyon, France. Chefs from all over the world battle each other to make the best dishes out there.

Loth said, "It is really a remarkable experience. I'm still overwhelmed."

Loth was invited by Turone's family to watch the competition. She said, “This year was the first time they won. It brought the house down."

Turone's friend, Piero Cotrina, knows a lot about the event.

“This competition is pretty much like the Olympic games of culinary...those guys are just prepping for every single thing, you know, from the way you sharpen your knife, the way you clean your knife, the way you position your knife, the way how you salt something up."

After years of training at different restaurants Turone was ready to compete.

Cotrina said, "He's serious and he's committed, and you don't see that kind of commitment at a young age."

Turone is only 21 and Loth and Cotrina say this win is only the start for this young champion.

Cotrina said, "He can show and tell other young kids to actually go out there and get it."

Two years ago Team USA came in second place, but this year it was Norway. Iceland took home the bronze.

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