Omaha native hopes to get back to Florida to check on her new home

Omaha native hopes to get back to Florida to check on her new home

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Hurricane Irma has now passed through Florida, it's making its way north. It left a lot of damage behind. Flights are cancelled to and from Florida as of Tuesday. One Omaha woman is hoping she can get back to Florida sooner than later.

"I couldn't board up my house, I had to bring all my furniture in,"Debi Sorenson said. She packed up what she could to get on the next flight out of Florida before the hurricane touched down.

Omaha is her real home, but she just bought a brand new one in Florida months ago.

"My husband and I always wanted to buy a house in Florida and we waited and waited and debated and finally decided we were old enough now," she said. "We either needed to do it or stop talking about it so we did it and then Hurricane Irma came."

Sorenson works in Florida, but she was hoping to celebrate a special day down there.

"I was down in Florida working and my husband and I planned to be down there for our 38th anniversary," she said. "We planned to go to our favorite restaurant, eat our favorite oysters, just enjoy our new home we just bought".

Currently, she doesn't know the condition of her home. She says she can't contact her friends.

"Most of my friends don't have power yet, they don't have WiFi and there must be a stress on the system because they can hardly send a text message," she said.

Sorenson says her main goal is to get back to Florida on Wednesday.

OPPD deployed to Florida today. Once workers get there, they will help restore power to the thousands of people who are in the dark.

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