Omaha Police Department releases body camera photos of officer involved shooting

The Omaha Police Dept. releases pictures of the body camera from an officer involved shooting. (Courtesy: Omaha Police Dept.)

Omaha Police have released several police body camera photos of an officer-involved shooting.

31-year old Dillion Trejo is charged with leading police on a chase after they say he robbed a gas station and then led officers on a chase Monday afternoon.

In the pictures, you can see a police officer with his gun out and Trejo reaching for what appears to be a gun in his waist band.

The officer would eventually shoot Trejo.

The police department also released a series of photos showing what they say is Trejo robbing the Bucky's gas station on South 24th Street.

Investigators said that is where it all began.

Officers said that he stole a car from the Bucky's and then ditched his stolen getaway car and stole a truck on South 51st Street.

Police say that when they tried to pull Trejo over, he ran from the truck. Police say at one point it looked like Trejo might be reaching for a gun and that is when an officer fired his handgun. Police say Trejo was not armed during the incident with police.

Officers said inside the stolen truck were two guns and the cash taken during the robbery.

Trejo is currently in stable condition at a hospital. Charges are pending against him.

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