Omaha teen in local hospital after asthma attack in Iowa


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - An Omaha teenager, Diamond Conway, is now in the intensive care unit at Children's Hospital and Medical Center. She's there because of an asthma attack that happened during a recent trip to Iowa.

"She's in serious condition, but she's holding her own," said Kim Lukis, Conway's mother.

On July 1st, the unthinkable happened. That's when Conway's asthma attack was triggered somehow. It was so bad the teenager stopped breathing at one point. Paramedics performed CPR on her for more than 20 minutes.

"We don't know if it was the pool, the heat or dehydration. We don't really know," said Lukis.

After spending time at a Des Moines hospital on life support, Diamond is now back home for her care. For the family, there is some good news. Diamond has now opened her eyes.

"Off and on for a couple of days."

Lukis now wants Diamond's situation to serve as a warning for people who have a family member with asthma.

"You really have to watch asthma. It's just not the common cold type thing. It is serious."

Lukis is hoping that message will stick with everyone.

"If Diamond's story can really save another person or another family from having to go through this, that would be good.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page. They say any kind of money they can get to cover medical costs will be appreciated. To contribute, click here:

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