Omaha woman almost lost $800 after law firm scam

Omaha woman almost lost $800 after law firm scam

You might think your social security number and bank information is private, but think again.

Scammers are now getting that information to try and steal your money.

As FOX 42 found out they're pretending to be lawyers while they're at it. It's a scam that almost cost an Omaha woman hundreds of dollars.

Sarah Olney said, "It's very violating and intimidating."

Olney says her scam experience started with a phone call “from a gentleman representing the law office of Mack and McKenzie regarding an old U.S. Bank bill."

Olney says it was a bill for almost $800 that she says the man told her she needed to pay.

"It was rather convincing. He knew where I lived 12 years ago, had the last four digits of my social security number...the balance that I needed to resolve with him through the collections was with the overdraft protection that I had with U.S. Bank."

Olney says she and her husband both believed the guy so they paid the money over the phone.

However, Olney says she “started to feel funny about it so I looked them up on the internet and it's a known scam."

Olney says a letter she got in the mail confirmed it.

“I looked up the address on the confirmation letter and it's a Sky Cellular in Corona, stomach just sank.”

Fortunately, Olney says she banks locally and was able to stop the payment which means she and her family didn’t lose any money.

Olney says she doesn't want anyone else to fall for this scam. Her advice is to do research before giving anyone money.

Olney said, "I mean, you think about what that could be for your kids, what that could be for your family."

FOX 42 reached out to some lawyers in Omaha. They say law firms never call people to demand money. A firm will always send you something in writing.

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