Omaha woman loses more than 500 dollars to scammer


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Carol Yaun of Omaha is mad and now wants answers. She was promised $2 million. Not only is she not going to get it, but she's also out $500 of her own money.

"I got scammed and it's something everyone should be careful of," said Yaun.

Yaun told FOX 42 News Wednesday she got a phone call last week from a guy who said his name was Patrick. He claimed he was with Publisher's Clearing House. All he needed was $500 sent to him and the money would get to Yaun.

"I was told several times to not go for it, but I just felt my life was so blessed that it would happen for me."

After the initial phone call, Yaun says she was asked to send 50 more dollars, which she did, but to this point she still hasn't gotten any money.

"Here it has been a week almost, four or five days, and I have not heard anything."

Yaun says she has now learned her lesson, which is giving money to get money never pays.

"Don't do like me. Hold your head high and tell them no."

Getting back the money she lost will be no easy task.

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