People and pachyderms grieve a beloved African elephant

People and pachyderms grieve a beloved African elephant

People and elephants grieved at Henry Doorly Zoo Thursday. Warren, an African elephant, died earlier in the day.

The people showed their affection online.

"RIP Warren the Elephant," said a woman on Facebook. "Was there to see the elephants on Monday."

The elephants also showed their grief as a herd and a family.

Zoo management closed the elephant exhibit after making the announcement that Warren had died.

"We don't know the cause of death at this point," said Dr. Doug Armstrong, who was with Warren in the morning. "He was a young animal, so it was completely unexpected, but we'll conduct a necropsy, which is an autopsy on an animal."

Doctors say the eight or nine year old elephant stopped breathing after they gave him anesthesia.

They were treating Warren for a cracked tusk.

"It's really sad that they lost an animal because everybody was so excited about the new grass sightings," said a woman at the zoo today. "To find out that they lost one is devastating."

Meanwhile, there was even more sadness and support on twitter.

One tweet said "we enjoyed learning from you warren RIP," and someone else said "an elephant has died at the zoo and I am not okay."

"Anytime something like this happens, we always re-evaluate and reassess, not only with the crew, but the keeper crew, and see if they observe anything different," said Dr. Armstrong, "and then we'll talk to some outside institutions."

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