People in Bellevue cleaning up after tornado tears up neighborhood

People in Bellevue cleaning up after tornado tears up neighborhood

Dave Rickers of Bellevue was out of town when Friday night's tornado hit.

"There's just so much to do, you don't know where to start," said Rickers.

He said he never imagined coming home to a yard of destruction.

"We had a porch swing frame over here and I, oh, there it is out there," said Rickers who noticed the structure on the far left of the property.

Pieces of his home and his personal belongings are now scattered in his backyard.

The National Weather Service says two tornadoes hit the area. The outbreak created a wide path of destruction snapping trees and tearing off roofs.

Winds up to 135 miles per hour destroyed not only Rickers' home, but also the two on each side.

"I spent 40 years in the Army National Guard here and I've been on the other end helping people," said Rickers. "Now you see what it does to your own stuff and you can see why people get so emotional."

Anthony Bultez lives just down the street. His house is still standing, proving of the random nature of these tornadoes.

"We did get a little damage," said Bultez.

He was home with his family when the tornado hit.

"It was almost immediate," said Bultez. "The wind just started blowing pretty vigorously and told them it was time to get down to the basement."

"It's a long process to get it rebuilt," said Rickers. "We don't know how long, we're living in a motel room until that's done."

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