People line street to watch slain deputy's motorcade

People line street to watch slain deputy's motorcade

All along North 16th Street, people stood remembering the slain Pottawattamie County sheriff's deputy on Tuesday.

Mark Burbridge's motorcade was passing by in the afternoon, headed to a funeral home.

"He was an excellent officer, been on the force for more than 12 years," said a person on the sidewalk. "We just have to come together as a community and support each other."

Some people held flags, and others had ribbons pinned on their shirts. It was all to show support for the Burbridge family and respect for law enforcement.

"My heart just hurts for these people, it's not just the family," said onlooker Connie Lambie. "It's the people that worked with him."

Just a day before, police officials say Burbridge and deputy Pat Morgan were both shot by an inmate trying to escape a jail transport van.

Morgan survived the attack.

Burbridge died at the hospital.

"Officer Burbridge's daughter and my daughter are friends and have worked on history projects together," said Meghann Youngblood, who was watching for the motorcade. "It's just the best way I can to show some support for Council Bluffs and show some support for the sheriffs department."

The is no word yet on the details about Burbridge's funeral service.

"Mark was a very light spirited very easy going, loved to joke around and i don't know I ever saw Mark without a smile on his face," said Sgt. Marc Freeman, who served with Burbridge. "He was a family man. He loved the outdoors, and he'd do anything for anyone of us, including you guys and my family in blue."

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