People pay their respects to fallen sheriff's deputy

People pay their respects to fallen sheriff's deputy

A constant crowd has been gathering with heavy hearts to remember Pottawotamie County sheriff's deputy Mark Burbridge.

He was killed on the job last Monday.

His visitation was Sunday in Council Bluffs.

"He was just a wonderful man," said a person just outside the funeral home.

It was a day of sadness for family, friends and the Council Bluffs community, who gathered there.

"Very sad you know. It's hard to talk about, but you know i had to come pay my respect," said Scott Cox

Deputy Burbridge was shot and killed last Monday on the job.

"Terrible shock, terrible shock," said someone who stopped by Sunday afternoon. "It hits home. He's an old family-friend from my hometown. I've known him since he was a little kid."

Outside the funeral home, it was a show of support for the fallen deputy.

Ribbons cover trees as far as they eye can see, and there were flags too.

"I tried to get ribbon in missouri valley yesterday and it was sold out--800 feet of ribbon in one week," said visitor Addie Fern. "So many flowers, i never saw that many flowers in my life"

Some actually wore their shirts, in a show of support for Burbridge and others who keep the public safe.

"He was so young with three little kids, but i think people are donating so well," said Addie Fern. "Very proud of him, very proud."

The Sheriff's department in Council Bluffs says it's been over three decades since it lost one of its own.

The funeral will be held Monday at the Mid-America Center. The doors will open to the public at 8:30am.

The Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Office says it's expecting at least 1,000 police cars to take part in the procession.

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